Monday, 1 October 2012

Wacky Gadgets and Gizmos

Inventions! So many inventions. Have you thought about how many gadgets and gizmos there are?
If I said to you, here is a device it is a :-
  • T.V.
  • phone
  • video camera
  • video player
  • word processor
  • video game player
  • radio
(take a deep breath)
  • music player 
  • music storage unit
  • newspaper
  • magazine
  • communication tool
all in one, and it fits in your pocket, would you believe me? I think in my youth they may have sent me to the loony bin (they probably should have anyway).

Lucky me, I received such an appliance for my birthday! I felt the inspiration, and procrastination excuses for writing will now be overcome. Instead I find myself competing for the use of the ipad with my wonderful but exasperating, brood. So back to the drawing board or  drawing book to be precise. But it got me thinking (yes, a dangerous thing, I know). What else could be out there still to be invented?

How about a refrigerator, and microwave all in one.  I am sure it could happen soon, especially when you consider the first device is what our smart phones and tablets really are today. Computers used to fill a room and now they fill our pockets.

Mmm a portable refrigerator / microwave, what could you name it -- a regmic or a rewave?

Imagine putting your leftovers in a container to refrigerate them, then with a press of a button the same container reheats to a perfect temperature.  Picnics would never be the same again.  No need for a refrigerator taking up space just large pantries stacked to the ceiling. Contemplate school lunches never going soggy in the hot Australian sun. Envision the nice crisp salads brimming with goodness for our offspring to indulge in. Or hot lunches to warm the soul on cold winter days. Wait a minute...did I say salad? Since when would my children eat a healthy salad? Maybe if someone invented a hologram of junk food along with the hypnosis telling the children, "It tastes like chocolate, it tastes like chocolate," then maybe the healthy options might be palatable for them. That's if they ever stop fighting over my ipad. Sigh!

How do you entice your children to yield to healthy eating? Have you got a secret invention or gizmo that makes the task possible? What other inventions do you think maybe coming soon? Certainly food (chocolate of course) for thought!